Which exercise machine will be more effective for losing weight at home?

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The main varieties of home fitness equipment that will help lose weight. How to make a competent choice.

Health and a beautiful body are increasingly becoming a top priority for conscious people. And it is right. It is much easier and more interesting to live without excess weight, with a strong immune system and a beautiful body. At the same time, with the advent of modern exercise machines, the task of losing weight and promoting health becomes more real than ever.

It remains only to decide which shell will most effectively cope with its mission and which apparatus to choose in the end. It is these moments that we will consider in the article.

Elliptical trainer

Ellipsoid, according to many experts, is the best option for losing weight at home. Advantages of the device are maximum compactness and effective weight loss. By its principle, this projectile is an imitator of fast jogging mixed with normal skiing.

Such a simulator is often recommended not only to create ideal forms, but also to improve health, namely the fight against cardiac problems. As for conventional training, the ellipsoid allows you to perfectly prepare the body for maximum cardio loads in the home.

It should be noted one more positive point – the minimum load on the joints, which makes training available in the post-traumatic period. It has already been proven that half an hour on this simulator allows you to burn about 400 kilocalories . Therefore, if you need a relatively inexpensive assistant in the matter of losing weight, then it is worth choosing this option.

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What could be better than a regular run? With its help, the muscles of the legs are strengthened, the respiratory system develops, the heart is strengthened, excess fat is burned. A treadmill is a great alternative when there is no way to run in the forest or at the stadium. This simulator is usually installed in each gym. If desired, a suitable option can be chosen for the home. There are great models that take up little space and are affordable.

The main plus that the projectile possesses is the ability to lose weight in conditions that are comfortable for itself. The intensity of classes and their complexity can be chosen independently, depending on the tasks and goals. In the absence of proper experience, you can start training with a normal walk jump rope for cardio bodybuilding. Once the muscles are strengthened to the desired state, you can proceed to full-fledged running exercises. Be responsible in the matter of losing weight and do not load the body without preparation – everything should be gradual.

electric track

Exercise bike

Fans of cycling are simply delighted with this unit. This simulator fully simulates the movement of a two-wheeled friend. In this case, you will have to choose one of the options – a regular bike, but on a special design (as a rule, there are no wheels on it), or a special simulator.

It is believed that this option is most attractive for losing weight and recovering from spinal injuries (problems) . When choosing, it is worth giving preference to devices having automatic regulation of the resistance level, as well as the ability to monitor the load. Such functions will be very useful at home, where there will not be a qualified trainer nearby.

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In modern devices, there may be a number of additional useful options, for example, a calorie burn counter, a sensor that measures the frequency of heartbeats, a bottle lock and so on.

exercise bikes


A feature of this device is the ability to maximize the load on your legs and set a unique intensity of training. Each of us knows how hard it is to climb stairs. Exercises on this apparatus completely imitate this process.

This simulator is often recommended for weight loss and recovery from injuries to people with problems with the feet. If you plan to choose a high-quality device, then first of all pay attention to the functionality and level of security.

simple steppers

Rowing machine

This device is installed in almost every gym, but if desired, you can buy it for the home. Feature – the complexity and complexity of training. At the same time, you can count on maximum efficiency when working out the muscles of the torso and legs. With the proper organization of training, the question of losing weight becomes only a matter of time. At the same time, the main muscle groups are tightened.

An important plus is safety and no risk of injury. In addition, to increase comfort during training, you can choose a device with a ventilation system.

rowing machine

Hand training equipment

Such devices are good for home because of their compactness. The main representatives of these products include dumbbells, an expander, a jump rope, fitball, a hoop (hula hoop) and a disk of rotation. All options are perfect for weight loss. In this case, the greatest effect can be achieved by combining exercises.

Training Rules

If you plan to achieve real results in the training process, then consider a few simple rules:

  • Create a training program that is ideal for solving your problems, and strictly adhere to it. Try not to put the maximum load in the very first days – you need to prepare the muscles. If possible, then give preference to simulators with built-in computers and special programs that accurately calculate the required level of load.
  • Do your workouts regularly. Ideal option – classes at least three times a week . The average duration is half an hour .
  • Always do a workout. This allows you to prepare your muscles for work and eliminate the risk of injury. In addition, it is the warm-up that makes training as effective as possible.
  • Monitor your breathing and heart rate. Try to breathe properly. Take in air at the moment of tension, and let out when relaxing.
  • Drink more clean water. With its help, you can remove excess toxins from the body and eliminate dehydration.
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training nuances


Which exercise machine is the most effective for weight loss? In principle, all options are worthy of attention. The main thing is to act in conjunction, that is, optimize your diet and exercise regularly.