What muscles work on the rowing machine?

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What is this sports equipment. What muscle groups does it use? How to properly perform the movement.

In almost every gym, you can find a simulator, the exercises on which resemble the usual rowing with oars. At the same time, many athletes are sure that the main load on it is received by the muscles of the back and shoulders. It is also believed that the rowing machine is suitable only for men. But is it really so?

What muscles work?

The main advantage of the exercise is the connection to the work of many muscles (even those that rest in other similar movements). The simulator is thought out so that during execution to eliminate the need to use its own weight. As a result, classes are available even to those people who have joint diseases.

When working on it, you should know which groups work the most and how to perform the exercise correctly. This way you can minimize stress on the joints (if necessary) and avoid additional injuries. At the same time, the activity of the work largely depends on the tasks set and the general level of health.

principle of operation

As practice shows, the rowing machine perfectly pumps the following muscles:

  • for the top – the muscles of the chest, back and arms ;
  • for the bottom – buttocks and legs .

If you strictly follow the technique, then the projectile will evenly pump over all of the above groups. To additionally load the legs, you can include an exercise bike in the program

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Increasingly, stereotypes are found that the rowing machine is not suitable for women. But whatever assumptions regarding the “distortion” of the beauty of arms and shoulders may sound, do not believe them. As a rule, such beliefs are based on stereotypes and their own negative experience associated with incorrect exercise.

What muscles actually work? As a rule, the main load is given to the chest, back and legs. All these groups can and should be worked out by the fair sex. As for the increase in shoulders and arms, specialized training complexes are provided here.

If the main task is to pump your back well, then you need to spend about 35-40 minutes training ronnie coleman arms workout. In this case, it is advisable to start with more resistance, and by the end of the lesson to reduce the load. If you actively train in this mode, you can achieve considerable success.


nuances of technology

Execution Rules

To use the necessary muscle groups and eliminate the likelihood of injuries, you must work correctly on the simulator. Here are a few recommendations:

  • always do a warm-up – this will qualitatively warm up muscle fibers and joints. As a result, the risk of injury and sprains is minimized;
  • no matter what muscles you swing, try not to overload the body. Start with a small number of strokes, for example, from 20-30 per minute. In the future, the pace can be increased gradually, as the strength increases. Act evenly, smoothly and without long pauses;
  • the entire period of the exercise, the back should be as even as possible. In this case, deviate back to the maximum distance. The optimal angle of inclination of the body to the floor is no more than 45 degrees. Otherwise, the load distribution may be uneven;
  • note that rowing is not effective in speed, but in the number of repetitions performed. Only with this approach can endurance be maximized;
  • try to transfer the entire load from the hips and back to the buttock. In this case, it is desirable to exclude excess knee strain;
  • the total duration of the training is no more than an hour. At the initial stage, you can do several sets of 7-10 minutes with the same break, gradually increasing the load;
  • during the workout, pauses are required to do several exercises for the press, push-ups or squats;
  • remember the importance of proper nutrition, without which success even in this effective exercise will not work;
  • make rowing regular. If possible, do it daily. At the same time, choose one time that the body gets used to the load and reacts correctly to it.
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Goals and Programs

The construction of classes largely depends on the goals:

  • The task is to build muscle . Duration – 30-40 minutes. The pace is minimal, and the resistance is maximum. The first part of the training is 20-25 strokes per minute, the second is 70-80. A break is 10-15 minutes. At this time, you can load the abs, legs or arms.
  • The goal is to lose weight, improve tone . The main condition is maximum smoothness of movements, average resistance and pulse control. The latter should not exceed 70% of the maximum norm (220 – age). The emphasis should be on the number of repetitions and the regularity of classes.

training tasks

How can I get the benefit?

The inclusion of rowing in your program gives the following effects:

  • full strengthening of the contractile function of the muscles. This is not surprising, because here muscle fibers work 100%;
  • normalization of the circulatory system, as well as putting in order the main respiratory functions;
  • improving metabolic processes in the body and optimizing the nutrition of the most important tissues;
  • stimulation of protective systems, strengthening immunity, effective fight against frequent colds;
  • maximum help in weight loss issues. Experiments have shown that in one training session you can lose about 1000 kilocalories . Therefore, a rowing machine is often recommended for people who are overweight;
  • for rowing enthusiasts, the possibility of year-round training on the apparatus is a great alternative. If in the warm season you can work out in natural conditions, then in the cold you can safely go to the gym and not interrupt the training process.
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use of inventory


The rowing machine belongs to the multifunctional and effective sports equipment. With its help, you can perfectly develop many muscle groups – chest, back, shoulders and even legs. In addition, with the correct construction of training, he becomes a reliable assistant in the fight against excess weight.