How to quickly build up your shoulders: complex of exercises in the gym

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Pumping shoulders is not an easy task. To make them strong and beautiful, you need to train the deltoid muscles and evenly distribute the load on all bundles of muscle fibers. Bench press at different angles – the best way to quickly achieve the desired result.

The weight of the barbell and dumbbell must be selected so that in each set you can lift the projectile at least 8-10 times. Only at this intensity will muscle volume increase. If your goal is to develop strength, exercise with a heavier load and perform the exercise 5-6 times in 4-5 sets ronnie coleman arms workout.

It is advisable to engage in a gym with a trainer – he will teach you how to perform exercises correctly and will follow safety precautions.


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Stand Press

Why: Training the anterior bundle of the deltoid muscle.

How: Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend and sharply raise the bar, then lay it on the chest. With one strong push, lift it up, exhale. Do not tip the case back. Pause and inhale gently lower the barbell to your chest.

Bench press

Why: Training the deltoid muscle and triceps.

How: Sit on a bench and grab the barbell from the rack. The grip is wider than the shoulders. Raise the bar above you and lower it by the head onto the shoulders. Keep your back straight. Perform the exercise without jerking. The number of repetitions is 8–10 times.

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Chin rod

Why: The study of the middle beam of the delta and trapezius muscles.

How: Stand straight. Take the barbell with a straight grip. Hands should be two fists apart. As you exhale, lift the barbell to your chin. Pause and take a breath back to the starting position.

Arnold Bench Press

Why: Training all three delta bundles.

How: Sit on a bench with your back straight. Bend your legs at the knees, place them wide and firmly rest your feet on the floor. Take dumbbells, bend your elbows. Gently squeeze the dumbbells up, as you move, unfolding the dumbbells with the back of your palms facing you. Then return to the starting position how to squat.


There is an opinion among women that training the deltoid muscles makes the shoulders large and the figure angular. However, this is a fallacy. They will become so if they are overloaded, work only with heavy weight. To achieve a feminine rounded shape of the shoulders, it is enough to include several basic exercises using small weights in your workout.


Why: Training the middle beam of the delta and triceps.

How: Go to the crossover simulator and stand between the blocks. Grasp the handles of the blocks and pull them up. The elbows should be bent throughout the exercise.

In the video we show how to correctly perform the crossover exercise:

Dumbbell press standing

Why: To study deltoid, trapezoidal and triceps muscles.

How: Take the dumbbells and stand up straight. Unfold your shoulders and put your legs wider than your shoulders. Bend your elbows and raise the dumbbells above your shoulders. From this position, squeeze the dumbbells upwards, straightening your arms. Stay in this position, make sure that the hands are parallel to each other. Return to the original position. Repeat the exercise 6-8 times with minimum load.

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Wave in front of you.

What for: Training the front beam of the delta.

How: The handwheels can be performed with both hands simultaneously or alternately. Stand up straight, put your legs slightly wider than your shoulders. Bend your arms in your elbows and squeeze the dumbbells out to the shoulder height. Perform the handwheels without jerking 10-15 times.

Dumbbell breeding in an inclined position

Why: Training the posterior delta bundles, lumbar extensor muscles and the broadest back.

How: Take the dumbbells. Bend your knees slightly. Tilt the body parallel to the floor. Take a deep breath, exhale and slowly lift the dumbbells to the sides. Return the dumbbell hands back to their original position build lats at home. Do not strain or round your back. Work with shoulders only, do not move the body. Repeat exercise 5-8 times.