How to pump up your hands quickly: 3 simple and effective exercises

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A beautiful fit figure, sculptured muscles and rounded shapes are the result of the habit of regular exercise. If you swing your arms, legs, chest for at least 20 minutes daily and have overall balanced physical activity, you won’t notice how quickly you reach your sporting goal.

Strong hands help in everyday life to feel confident in different situations and always cause admiration for others. To become their owner, it is necessary to perform exercises for biceps and triceps.

Biceps is a muscle that comes into operation when the arm is bent at the elbow, and triceps is when it is extended. Arm muscles can be pumped up both at home and in the gym. Basically, athletes are engaged with dumbbells and weights, on horizontal bars, as well as push-ups.


Do not overdo it – the main rule for a beginner in fitness. Often, most of them, inspired by photos and stories of inflated people and bodybuilders, begin to train day and night. Of course, this does not lead to anything good. Sharp, irregular physical activity causes overwork, severe pain in the muscles and internal organs. As a result, enthusiasm disappears, and a person ceases to be engaged at all.

You can come to a harmoniously folded figure if you walk slowly, but surely – perform the exercises systematically and little by little. It is not difficult to independently calculate the load and draw up a training schedule taking into account your sports training and physiological characteristics at the initial stage.

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Experts recommend that beginners pump arm muscles no more than 2 times a week. Before training, an intensive warm-up should be carried out, at the end – a moderate hitch. To keep your body muscles proportionate, do exercises for the shoulder area, forearm, back, and chest on other days.

Exercise complex

We present you 3 simple but effective exercises that will help build muscle in your arms and achieve an athletic build.


Сгибания рук с гантелями стоя

Take dumbbells 1-2 kg each. If you do not have them, you can use plastic containers with water or sand equivalent to dumbbell weights as weighting agents. Straighten and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Now slowly bend one arm at the elbow to the chest to the limit, then straighten it to an almost straight position.

The exercise is performed alternately on both hands at a measured pace. Make sure that the housing always remains straight. Do 3 approaches of lifting dumbbells on each arm 8-10 times. A break between sets is 60 seconds.

Classic push ups

Классические отжимания от пола

Remove the dumbbells and assume a lying position. Keep the body level, elbows slightly bent. Place your palms wider than your shoulders conditionally on the chest line. Place your feet in the width of your pelvis. Bend your arms to a right angle while inhaling, while exhaling – return to the starting point. Do not touch the floor with your chest.

Perform 2-3 approaches 15 times. Over time, you can increase the number of approaches to 1-2. The interval between sets is 90 seconds.

If you have never practiced before, it will be difficult at first. Therefore, you can do push-ups in the first months, not on straight legs, but from the knees. They are performed easier, but no less effective for the muscles of the hands.

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Back push ups

Обратные отжимания в домашних условиях

To complete this exercise, you will need a chair, bench, or any other hard surface at the knees. Turn your back on the subject and place your hands on its edge with a grip at shoulder width. On inspiration, go down, bending your elbows to a right angle and return to the starting point. Do not spread your elbows to the sides, keep your back straight.

Do back push-ups in 2-3 sets of 10 times. A break between sets is 60 seconds.