Exercise plank – how to correctly perform

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Do you want to have a toned figure and a muscular body, but are not ready to devote a lot of time to exhausting training for different muscle groups? Introducing a set of exercises that will help you. Let’s consider how to do an exercise for the press – the bar

Plank exercise is a static training, which is performed in the “lying position” position due to natural power resources. It maximally activates the human muscular system and includes even the deepest fibers in the work. Since ancient times, such training is widely used in professional sports, fitness and in training wrestlers in the East, practiced by yogis, supporters of Pilates and stretching.

A stand in the bar simultaneously develops the muscles of the abs, back, arms, legs, hips and buttocks. It comprehensively affects the body and allows you to achieve strength and harmony in a short time. For training, special rooms and sports equipment are not required. You can train whenever and wherever. Spend 10-15 minutes each day and feel how your muscles are getting stronger and your physical shape is changing.


Fitness experts distinguish several types of straps: classic (on straight arms or elbows), with a raised arm or leg, side and back strap. The degree of load on a particular muscle group depends on the technique of the exercise.

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Classic plank


Техника выполнения классической планки

Stand in the “lying down” position. Raise your head and straighten your shoulders. Place your hands at shoulder level at an angle of 90 degrees to evenly distribute the load and prevent joint injury. Pull in your stomach, squeeze your buttocks and connect your feet. Keep your back straight and do not bend your knees. Be still and do not forget to breathe evenly.

Tighten your abs maximally and do not lower your lower back. If you correctly execute the bar, then your body forms a straight line.

The length of the rack in the bar depends on your level of training. Start with 30 seconds and increase the time every 2-3 days by 30 seconds. Develop stamina and try to bring the bar to 3 minutes.


Техника выполнения планки на локтях

The exercise is performed in much the same way as the previous bar. However, the reference point here is not the hands, but the elbows.

Take the position of an emphasis lying down and stand on your elbows parallel to the floor. Your body should conditionally go in a straight line. Keep your elbows at shoulder level, do not round your back up, and do not bend to the floor.

Place your feet together and retract your stomach. To use all the muscles of the cortex, maximize the tension of the abs, buttocks and legs throughout the exercise.

Perform the exercise in several passes. Increase its duration according to the universal pattern of the strap on straight arms.

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Plank with a raised leg

Техника выполнения упражнения планка с поднятой ногой

Stand in the traditional elbow bar. Straighten your back and retract your stomach. The case is parallel to the floor. Then lift one leg slightly above shoulder level and do not bend it at the knees. Pull your toes towards you. Hold on in this position for one minute and change your leg. Take 2-3 approaches.

Reducing the area of the support works on the muscles of the abdomen and contributes to an additional load on the abdominal muscles.

Arm Raised

Техника выполнения планки с поднятой рукой

Identical body position. Together legs you alternately pull your arms forward parallel to the floor. Keep your back straight and do not relax your abdominal muscles. Make every effort to stay motionless.

Hold this position for a minute and repeat the exercise with the other hand. Follow the bar in several sets with a minute pause between them.

Side bar

Выполнение упражнения боковая планка

A sophisticated version of the exercise for trained athletes. Perform as an additional load on the classic bar. Lie on your side. Straighten your legs and connect them – together with the body they should form a straight line. Place your left forearm on the floor so that the elbow is exactly under the shoulder joint. Lift up your right leg and hold your left hand above you. Try to stay in this position for as long as possible. Then take a minute break and repeat the exercise on the other side.

Back strap

Выполнение упражнения обратная планка

Exercise-upside down classic plank. Stand in straight arms and turn your stomach to the ceiling. Place your hands strictly under your shoulders and point your fingers towards the heels. Retract and tighten your pelvis. Keep your back straight. The stand in the back plate should last at least a minute. Then repeat the exercise 2-3 times with a short break between sets.

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The plank strengthens the muscles of the whole body and is suitable for both women and men.