Butterfly Pull-Ups: Effective CrossFit Endurance Exercise

butterfly pull-ups
August 17, 2021

It is generally accepted that in CrossFit, three types of pull-ups are permissible to strengthen the muscles of the back: classic, kipping, butterfly. In today’s article, we’ll take a closer look at Butterfly Pull-Ups. What are Butterfly Pull-Ups? Butterfly Pull-Ups is a more advanced version of Kipping Pull-Ups. Professional CrossFit athletes use it to do the most reps in a short amount of time. This allows them to show good…


How to jump on a skipping rope for weight loss?

How to jump on a skipping rope for weight loss
February 11, 2020

How to use this projectile for training on fat burning.¬†How to choose a rope, the nuances of jumping technique. Jumping rope is an effective way of training, opening the way for good health, stamina, and normalization of weight.¬†Professional athletes compare the benefits of such activities with the activities of swimming, cycling, tennis, and jogging. If you make them part of the training process, it is easier to achieve many results…