All the nuances of training and nutrition for gaining muscle mass for girls

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How to make yourself a diet. Example menu for the week. The principles of building the training process, the best exercises.

Gaining muscle mass for girls is a rare and difficult task. The reverse version is more common when a woman plans to lose weight. The apparent opposite of goals should not be confused – they are connected. To lose weight, you need muscles, which become the main tool in getting rid of fat. But which diet to follow? What should be the training plan? What are the rules to follow?

The main principles of diet

The first thing to start with is to calculate the energy consumed and consumed. It is believed that to gain mass, the body should receive 250-300 kcal more than it spends during the day.

The ratio of fats, carbohydrates and proteins deserves special attention. If you want to build muscle, the indicators should be as follows:

  • fats – 20%;
  • carbohydrates – 40%;
  • proteins – 40%.

The menu should definitely include meat (should be low-fat), cottage cheese, eggs, cereals, fruits, herbs, milk and so on (we will discuss the proper diet below). It is not worth removing fats from the diet – they help in the matter of creating the desired figure.

The frequency of nutrition is 5-6 times a day. The main thing is to consume 65-70% of the daily diet before 4 pm. It is worth considering a number of points:

  • Fast carbohydrates (juices, sweets) are permissible, but only after leaving the gym and in a scanty volume.
  • 6-8 glasses of water should be ingested daily.
  • Due to the lack of vitamins, the intake of sports complexes is required.
  • There should be enough protein in the diet.
  • Cooking is done only on steam or in the oven. Grill is allowed, but only a “home sample”.
  • Reception of chips, convenience foods and other harmful products. They add cellulite to the legs and sides, but in no way contribute to the gain in muscle mass. Moreover, traces of cellulite in the abuse of such products appear even in slim women.

process nuances

The nuances of training

Without the right workout plan, dieting is useless. At the same time, you should not be afraid that the muscles are pumped and disfigure the appearance. Without special injections and additives, this risk is minimal. The main “builder” of the muscles is testosterone, which women have in meager. This means that sports load is aimed only at adjusting muscle volume, but not at all to increase.

The principles of training are as follows:

  • Muscles should rest for at least a day.
  • Long workouts should be discarded – 50-60 minutes is enough to achieve results.
  • Do not be afraid to lift heavy weights – the muscles should get a load.
  • Perform 10-15 reps and 3-5 sets.
  • Organize your workout so that the exercise in the first approach is done faster and with less weight. In the first set, the number of repetitions should be 12-15, and in the last – 8-10.
  • The load increases with each subsequent approach.
  • The training plan should be adjusted (completely changed) once every 2 months.
  • Sports supplements are allowed to be included in the diet. The main thing is that the composition contains pure protein (protein, bcaa, amino acids). To determine the correct option, it is worth consulting with a specialist.
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Diet for weight gain: day after day

Below is a one-week diet that can be extended for another 7-14 days jump rope for cardio bodybuilding. The volume of products in grams is not indicated, since in each case there is an individual approach (a lot depends on the constitution of the body, mass, tasks and other factors).

Diet for girls (the goal is to gain weight):

  • 1 day . After awakening, it is allowed to satisfy hunger with white chicken meat (the breast is suitable) and rice. To add taste, it is allowed to season the tofu dish and drink it with juice. After two or three hours comes the second breakfast, which should be light. Walnuts (20-30 grams) and orange are allowed here. At lunchtime, the body should get the maximum of healthy products – it is worth boiling the beans and season it with onions or garlic. Chicken meat (breasts, legs) and 1-2 tomatoes are allowed. At 3-4 o’clock in the afternoon the appetite should be “killed” with a fresh apple and yogurt. In the evening, enough fish (boiled, stewed) and a salad of vegetables.
  • 2 day . Here the diet is changing. In the morning, a pair of soft-boiled eggs and oatmeal are enough (make it in milk for satiety). Add all this with juice and yogurt. After a couple of hours, have a bite of kiwi, and for lunch, satisfy your hunger with salad, fish and corn porridge. At 15: 00-16: 00 you should eat a serving of berries, drink a glass of kefir and eat cottage cheese. Make dinner light – 100-200 grams of turkey and salad.
  • 3 day . After waking up, eat a serving of pasta with meat and turkey. In the role of the drink is grapefruit juice. Lunch – cottage cheese and banana. At lunchtime, give the body a hearty meal – buckwheat, canned peas, beef chops and tomato. The second lunch (afternoon snack) – berries and protein shake. For dinner, make cottage cheese casserole and salad.
  • 4 day . In the morning “crush” hunger with beef liver. Also eat oatmeal, cucumber and tomato salad. After a couple of hours, make an impromptu “salad” of dried apricots and cashews (they need to be mixed 30-40 grams each). For lunch, cook the meat in the oven. It is worth eating boiled rice and pumpkin. 2-3 hours after lunch, it is allowed to suppress appetite with protein bread and apples. Dinner – seaweed and stewed fish.
  • 5 day . Immediately after lifting, drink a glass of juice, make an omelet and cook buckwheat. Second breakfast – cottage cheese and corn. At lunchtime, give your body an extra serving of protein in the form of turkey, Greek salad, and pea soup. After 2-3 hours, have a snack with fruit (orange, mandarin). Do not lean on food before going to bed. Chicken breast (boiled) and fresh salad are allowed.
  • 6 day . In the morning, make porridge for a couple (any) and beef patties. As a drink, grapefruit juice is suitable. After 2-3 hours, quench the appetite with curd mass with the addition of banana. For lunch, treat yourself to buckwheat with ham and salad. After some time (at noon) eat yogurt and kiwi. In the evening, select fish (to be steamed) and salad.
  • 7 day . Start your day with a lentil paste, oatmeal porridge and fresh cucumber and tomato salad. For lunch, you are allowed to eat an orange and hazelnuts (30 grams, not more). At lunchtime, please the stomach with wheat porridge, beef (only cook) and canned peas. After 2-3 hours, when hunger overtakes, it is allowed to eat an apple and drink a glass of kefir. In the evening, cook chicken wings and salad.
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competent menu

Weight gain rules

To achieve muscle growth, you should follow simple rules:

  • Raise the calorie level. Stop thoughtlessly eating and read what is written on the labels. It is important to know how many calories the body receives per day. When the training plan becomes more complicated, it is worth raising the calorie content to cover the deficit in nutrients. In addition, it is worth monitoring the amount of incoming protein – it should be about 2 grams per kilogram of weight. Otherwise, it is difficult to guarantee stable growth.
  • Reduce cardio loads. When recruiting, it is worth minimizing aerobic exercise. It is enough to run or ride a bike once or twice a week. The duration of the lesson is 20-30 minutes, no more. If you are active in the issue of cardio, then the muscles “burn out”. But to exclude such loads from the training program is also not worth it – without them, one cannot achieve endurance and strengthen the heart muscle.
  • Lean on weight, not repetition. Do not “drive” 18-20 reps in one approach (this is superfluous). 8-12 repetitions are enough . As for the weight of the load, it should grow with each subsequent set. In this case, do not stretch the workout in time. It should last no more than an hour .
  • Training program is a component of success. Without it, you should not count on the result. Each lesson should work out a specific muscle group. Training is planned taking into account the tasks set, the frequency of classes is 3-5 times a week. The focus is on exercises such as lunges, squats, deadlifts, etc.
  • Stretching After completing your workout, remember the importance of stretching. High-quality massage and stretching work to create an ideal body that is resistant to unforeseen injuries and able to recover quickly even after exhausting loads.
  • The regularity of meals. The body should receive food 5-6 times a day (this can be seen from the nutrition program discussed above). The time between meals is up to 3 hours, no more. Skipping receptions is not welcome. If necessary, you should always have a container of food with you, take it to study or work. Plan your diet so that the day includes three main meals and 2-3 snacks. At the same time, uniformity is the enemy of mass gain. The more actively foods in the diet change, the better.
  • A variety of workouts. It’s worth changing not only food, but also the training program. You can’t “stay too long” on the same exercises. Try to change the lesson plan once every 2 months. It is allowed to change the split, the inclusion of new exercises, more rest and so on. To know whether the training gives results or not, be sure to make entries in the diary.
  • Set goals and achieve them. Try to give all your best during class. If you are in the gym, then work in each approach 100%.
  • Protein shakes, which contain a sufficient amount of fast or slow proteins, are just a plus. Reception time – in the morning before breakfast, 20-30 minutes before the start of classes or after leaving the gym. A good option is a gainer, which contains up to 60 percent of complex carbohydrates.
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lesson plan

Required exercises

To ensure a stable mass gain, the girls training program should include the following exercises:

  1. Squats. Any experienced athlete will confirm that squats must be present when typing. In this case, 5-6 muscle groups are involved, including the abdominal press, back, legs, arms and others. By its effectiveness, squats can only be compared with deadlifts. But there are possible contraindications (back problems, pain in the knee joints and so on). As for the girls, this exercise for greater stability should be done with legs spaced a little wider than the shoulders. The main task is to develop the hips and buttocks.
  2. Deadlift (or Romanian) is a basic exercise, which is considered the main thing in the matter of mass gain. It is allowed to remove it from the training process only for a good reason – because of hemorrhoids, back injury, with high intra-abdominal pressure. If there are no contraindications, then the thrust should be in the program. Its advantage is the connection to the work of several major and auxiliary muscle groups. This exercise is universal and suitable for everyone.
  3. Leg press in the simulator . Pros – the study of the back and front of the thigh. This is another basic exercise that should be part of the training program. Unlike squats, where the load falls on the spine, it is not here. Therefore, the leg press is suitable for problems with the back.
  4. Lunges – an exercise that can load the quadriceps and biceps of the thigh, capturing the gluteal muscles. It is believed that lunges guarantee the desired shape of the buttocks and legs. To increase the load, dumbbells or a bar are used. At the initial stage, the exercise is done without load. A good option is to work in the Smith simulator.
  5. The pull of the vertical block to the chest . It is rarely possible to find a girl who is capable of raising her body at least once to the horizontal bar. And the reason is not weight, but the lack of sufficient strength in the hands. The problem is easily solved with the help of vertical traction. The advantage is the ability to control weight. At the same time, the necessary muscle groups of the biceps, forearm and back are connected to the work. You can’t ignore the exercise – it must be in the program.
  6. Dumbbell bench press sitting . The main idea is to work out triceps and deltas. But in addition to these muscles, the upper chest and trapezium receive a load. The main thing is to strictly observe the technique and not abuse the weight.
  7. Other exercises . In addition to the above, it is worthwhile to include lifting dumbbells for biceps, stretching the dumbbell from the head to the triceps, working out calves, hyperextension and lifting for the press.

barbell squat


The issue of gaining muscle mass by girls is solved without problems. The main thing is to approach the process of achieving the goal comprehensively, that is, to draw up the right diet, think out a training program and be focused on the result.