About us

Our goal: to help you train

You will find on our website in the section of the article on bodybuilding  everything you need for the correct set of muscle mass.

If you have any difficulties, our professionals are ready to consult you and draw up a personal training plan.

Bodybuilding – service anywhere in the world!

We offer you professional services in compiling individual bodybuilding training programs and help in planning the training process.

We can guarantee you systematic and consistent progress in building muscle mass within your genetic potential, and help you avoid mistakes, injuries and overloads of the body along this path.

The proposed bodybuilding technique is based on a deep understanding of the biochemical processes that occur in the muscles during various physical activities, and is based on the natural rate of recovery processes.

The bodybuilding technique has been developed so thoroughly that it allows the training process to be carried out without direct contact with the trainer – remotely.

The remote consultation and planning mode allows you to receive professional assistance, being in any geographical point of the planet and training in any gym, based on your preferences.

Depending on your goal and training experience, a bodybuilding training program will be personally developed for you, including comprehensive information on all aspects of the training process:

  • The number of workouts in the weekly cycle,
  • List of exercises for each workout,
  • The number of approaches for each exercise,
  • The weight you need for each exercise,
  • The number of repetitions for each approach,
  • Exercise Instructions,
  • Consulting support.

The training methodology underlying the proposed programs has developed over several decades, and is based on an extensive theoretical and practical base.